The Swing

The Swing is one of the traditional shadow classic play. It’s adapted from the Muhittin Sevilen’s play who is the respectable puppetmaster of the 19th century. The play about Karagoz’s process to finding the job. Unemployed Karagoz becomes the partner of Hacivat, a friend of the swing shop operator. Karagoz intends to be rich by taking more money from customers but everything does not go as planned.

The story tells the importance of honesty, friendship, living together.

It is reinterpreted with reference to the classic story by Ayhan Hulagu, play modern shadow play, which sits on the back of the traditional. Apart from the main characters, Jewish, Arap, wife of Karagoz and the other characters was performed by one person at the same time. 

The puppets of Karagoz and Hacivat are made from the hide of a camel or water buffalo like Ottoman Empire times. The puppets are prepared from natural colors by performing artist and they are staged with the aim of conventional methods. In general, classical Karagoz music is being played during shadow play.

Swing is being turned into screenplay faithfully by taking into consideration that Karagoz theatre was included UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2009. It is prepared privately for children and adults. Running time is 35 minutes.



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