UNESCO intangible cultural heritage

“Hulagu brings the 700-year-old art of Anatolian theatre to a Western audience and Broadway.”  Smithsonian, Folklife

“The first time the Karagoz character appears on Broadway. This gorgeous shadow puppetry performance brings an ancient Turkish tale to life with Karagoz, the hero of traditional Anatolian shadow plays.” Broadway World

“Ayhan’s version provides a lot more action and visual comedy for an American audience” Canada News

“Anatolian theatre, a living tradition with 700 years of history, brings a modernist approach to the British playwright Shakespeare’s signature play by reconstructing its characters and theme in an entirely different context.” MIT: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“Thanks to creative storytelling and boundless imagination of Ayhan Hulagu, a promising young artist living in the United States”  Puppetry International 

“Hulagu’s kit is compact—he’s a one-man theatre, and as he develops his repertoire I hope we will have many more opportunities to see his hard-luck friend get into all sorts of trouble.” MD Theatre Guide

“For the first time in the history of traditional Turkish theater, it took part in the most important festival in the USA. It has now attracted great interest at Harvard University” Forum USA

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