The Prince and His Private Raincloud

The Prince and His Private Raincloud is an adapted play version of Monica Shannon’s 1926 fable as a modern transformation of Traditional Turkish Theatre motifs of Meddah and Shadow Play – Karagöz. The Prince of Humdrum Lands and his learned cat, who are in search of adventure, encounter different characters in different geographies during their long journey and pursue various adventures. The prince never neglects to bring abundance and fertility to the lands where he is a guest with the rain cloud he carries. The narration aims to meet the American audience from an intercultural perspective, as a modern reflection of the traditional Anatolian dramas, Meddah and Shadow Theatre. The project titled ‘’American Myths/Folktales from the Perspective of Traditional Turkish Theatre Components: A Performance-Led, Intermediality-Based Practice, with Facial Expression Analysis ’’, which is supported by Tübitak 2219 Overseas Postdoctoral Research Program at the University of California, it is predicted that the emotional audience reactions to the video performance measured by the facial expression analysis method.

All puppets used in the performance were depicted on calf leather within the framework of traditional shadow theatre and created in two dimensions based on the drawing styles of Karagöz depictions. On the other hand, Meddah shares the whole tale as a modern storyteller and uses imitation as one of the traditional narrative forms in his story.

The solo play directed by Ayhan Hulagu and Mehmet Ozbek and starring Mehmet Özbek meets the audience online. The performance aims to be a pioneer for future intercultural narrative forms that will have the potential to bring together Anatolian culture and other cultures.

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