The Forest of The Witch
The First Karagoz Show on Broadway
Dream of Hamlet
Based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet- Modern Karagoz Show
Asuk and Masuk
Traditional Anatolian body puppet, Asuk and Masuk, La Mama Puppet Slam, 2019
The 4th New York City Shadow Festival
The 4th New York City Shadow Festival, United States, 2019
Broadway, New York City, 2019
65th National Puppet Festival
65th National Puppet Festival, United States, 2019
Washington DC Culture Festival
Washington DC Culture Festival, 2018
The project of the Karagoz in the Street, Turkey, 2016
Great Plains Puppet Train
Great Plains Puppet Train, United States, 2018
Neopolis International Festival
34th Neapolis International Festival, Tunisia, 2019
The Forest of the Witch, 2019, National Puppetry Fest
Harvard University, 2019
Hacivat and Karagoz
Hacivat (left) and Karagoz are the main characters of the show

United States Karagoz Theatre Company displayed lots of shadow plays in the earth, especially in America. Ayhan Hulagu had been invited to international festivals and Broadway.



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