Karagoz Theater Company describes the world’s cultural heritage Karagöz in detail with the workshops. How the puppets are made and the fine details of art are explained in practice.

Program length: Two hours.

  • Puppetmaster will talk about the history of the Karagoz and demonstrate how it is performed (as listed on the UNESCO intangible heritage list).
  • Participants will make two main characters for their own shadow play, Karagoz and Hacivat.
  • Participants will have the chance to study puppets made following traditional methods established over 700 hundred years ago.
  • Participants will listen to traditional music specially made for Karagoz art.
  • Participants will explore a classic shadow play text and learn the traditional sounds of characters.
  • Participants will perform part of the Karagoz show on an original stage with the Ayhan Hulagu.

Maximum attendance: 35

Logistics: Tables, chairs, Wi-Fi. 

Audio/Visual: Projection screen, overhead projection. One wireless shirt clip microphone and sounds system. 

Setup time: 75 minutes.




*All materials (demo of the figures, sticks, pens, etc.) will be provided by Karagoz Theatre Co.

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