Hamlet on the stage with Traditional art form style (Broadway World)

Two actors perform over fifty characters in this unique art form that suits every age and theatrical sensibility.

by Chloe Rabinowitz Mar. 11, 2021  

Hamlet Isn't Dead Presents Classical Turkish Shadow Puppetry Play

Hamlet Isn’t Dead, in association with the US Karagöz Theatre, will present a modern shadow puppetry play in a classical style.

Dream of Hamlet is a modern interpretation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet told through the classical stylings of Turkish shadow puppetry. In this show, the Anatolian puppet theatre Karagoz, a living tradition with 700 years of history, brings a modernist approach to the British playwright Shakespeare’s signature play by reconstructing its characters and theme in an entirely different context.

As in the traditional shadow theatre, the figures representing characters are made of the leather of camel and water buffalo. They are adapted into the play after being painted with special tools. While presenting a modern story, Dream of Hamlet uses all the subtleties of traditional art.

Join NYC’s 317th-best theatre company at the perfect crossroad of the new and the old, as they celebrate style and substance like never before. Two actors perform over fifty characters in this unique artform that suits every age and theatrical sensibility. Come thrill at their technical expertise as you laugh along at the antics of Karagöz in this new yet familiar story.

Link : https://www.broadwayworld.com/off-off-broadway/article/Hamlet-Isnt-Dead-Presents-Classical-Turkish-Shadow-Puppetry-Play-20210311

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